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With his one-of-a-kind blend of mentalism and magic, David Gerard creates unforgettable experiences for modern audiences. Find out why thousands of event planners have chosen David for their events.

Trusted by the World’s leading companies

“David was astounding and entertaining — everyone had a great time!”

“A great magician.”

“David is a unicorn because he comes from the tech world, but is now a world class entertainer. You are not going to find another human who is at the intersection of those two worlds.”

“This guy does not disappoint. I've never heard people literally SHRIEK with amazement at a magic trick, but that's just how good he is. 100% would recommend.”

"David blew away our top clients at an intimate dinner in Las Vegas, connecting the room in a way that directly drove business opportunities.”

“Always unreal, always amazing, David is my secret weapon when it comes to blowing away discerning audiences.”

“David's blend of comedy, personality, and ridiculous talent are unparalleled.”

“David dazzled our group of 500 in DC, complete with a standing ovation. The crowd absolutely loved him — scientists and families alike!”


Mind-blowing entertainment for your event.

Stage Performance

David's platform performances are for groups of 15 to 1,000 and can range from 10 to 70 minutes. David’s program is predominantly mentalism — mindreading, influence, predictions — magic that appeals to the savvy modern audience. His program is highly interactive, with countless audience members participating from their seat and the stage.

Strolling & Close-Up Magic

David's strolling magic is ideal for events needing seamless entertainment, enchanting small groups with mind-reading and intimate illusions. In cozier settings, David presents a close-up magic show, drawing everyone in. Boasting thousands of performance hours, David stands out as a top sleight-of-hand artist, leaving guests amazed, whether up close or mingling.


Beyond his busy performance schedule, David is widely considered one of the foremost experts on start-up marketing and user growth in the Bay Area. From consulting for venture-backed startups, to custom presentations that mix magic and marketing, David would love to chat about a content-rich keynote for your event.


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